Whether you are a highly technical developer or a simple blog user or publisher, WordPress is guaranteed to provide you with the perfect CMS for your particular needs. WordPress comes with a number of nifty features out of the box. Should you wish to add more functionality, the Chiral Link team are perfectly positioned to give steerage on thousands of available plugins and help advice which are most effective for your organisation.

Simple and Easy-to-Use

WordPress makes it possible for anyone to publish, even those armed with only the barest document creation skills. From installation to making Posts and Pages, formatting them, and adding various types of media – everything can be done quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

Flexible and Customizable

Blogs and websites, professional portfolios, magazines, communities and networking platforms – all of these and so much more can come to life using WordPress, made more beautiful with themes and functional with plugins.

User and Media Management-Friendly

WordPress allows you to create a structure for content creation, posting, and management based on what your organization requires. Images and media can also be easily dragged and dropped into the uploader to make your projects more visually appealing.


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Featured WordPress Project

Working with Chiral Link means first and foremostly that what you want to get done, get’s done! Many thanks for your help and support throughout the entire process.

Richard & Rachel
Bristol Bound


Drupal is the CMS which answers users’ call for an exciting and flamboyant platform to manage their publishing requirements. Organising, categorising, and structuring your content becomes a lot easier because of its readily available tools. Accounts and permissions are managed efficiently and building internal and external sites are simplified. Creative collaboration across different sites and applications is also straightforward and trouble-free.

Drupal has become one of the most well-loved CMS powering websites as comprehensive as The White House, because of these features:

 Well-Documented APIs

Something highly valued by most web developers, as it allows them to provide a value-added service to their clients.

 High Level of Flexibility

Loved by designers, as it is useful in creating many different types of content, with each one being totally distinct from the other, and yet simply amazing in their own ways.

 Boundless Scalability

Perfect for site administrators who wish to be able to perform complex and advance data organization, even for multiple users, while maintaining versatility at all times.

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Featured Drupal Project

Chiral-Link created our new website for us with no hassle what so ever. We had many meetings to discuss how we would like the website to look and feel aswel as what interactive features we would also like included. Such a smooth operation from start to finish, and we are so pleased with the final outcome of our website. Not only us at Skyburst, but all our customers and assosiates cant stop complimenting us on the final result. Huge thanks to all the team at Chiral, absolutely fantastic job!

Luke Christie, Marketing Manager
Skyburst The Firework Co.


Magento is deemed to be one of the most powerful CMS for e-commerce websites, enabling its users to build and manage a successful online business with its powerful line-up of features:

Reporting and Analytics Updates

Anything that gets measured, gets managed, and this is something crucial in any kind of business. Google Analytics scripts are built-in your Magento CMS, providing you a wide variety of reports which can help you in developing your business.

 Commendable Browsing Capabilities

Browsing between and across product categories and catalogs is a breeze with its advanced navigating and filtering system.

 Systematic Order, Payment, and Shipping Management

Tracking, processing, and documenting orders, payments made, and even shipping is a lot more convenient and is very helpful in providing excellent customer service to users’ clients.

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Joomla is the perfect go-between CMS – halfway between being extensively pro-developer and common user-friendly. Installation is a relatively simple process and with a structure and a set of terminologies which is easy to understand, users can quickly enjoy the benefits of creating midgrade websites on their own.

 High Level Extensibility

Easy to enhance CMS with thousands of available extensions one can use to customise Joomla

Newsfeed and Syndication Capabilities

Subscription by users to RSS feeds from your site , as well as content sharing is made faster and easier.

Wide CMS Management Scope

Joomla allows seamless management of Users, Language and Media, Contacts, Banners, Web Links, and Templates, among others, making it a truly powerful content management system.

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Halogy CMS allows you to build and manage multiple websites without having to worry about the alltoo technical stuff which comes along with the process. The major strengths of this CMS lies in the following:

Multi-Site Management

A single installation opens the gateway for users to be able to build, develop, and manage several websites at the same time.

Customisation Options

A fully-functional template and publishing system lets one add a zest of personality to the website using the built-in themes or import pre-existing design schemes using its simple uploading system.

Extension Modules

Creating a content-rich website for any purpose becomes simpler and more dynamic, with the availability of various modules to enhance functionality.

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Responsive Design

Gone are the days when browsing various websites on the Internet is limited to personal computers and laptops. Tablets, smartphones, and other Internet-capable devices are now becoming more and more popular tools for surfing on-the-go. With this comes the need for your website to have a responsive design. Responsive Web Design (RWD) provides better usability, easier maintenance, and improved search engine optimization for your online piece of real estate. Users get to enjoy a hassle-free reading and exploration experience on your web pages, whatever device and browser they use, making them stay longer, and in turn, increasing the chances of them answering your website’s call to action – sign up, contact you, or buy.

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Give your website’s theme and template an edge over the rest by converting it from a simple Photoshop Document (PSD) to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), currently everyone’s favorite technology in web development. HTML has a lot more flexibility and it allows your website to be compatible and accessible across more browsers. Faster downloading, one of the crucial elements in website design and development, is also made possible with the use of HTML.

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