Over the past few years, the growth of social media has gone up exponentially, expected to get even bigger, not only in terms of the number of users but in the amount of time spent by each person interacting using various social media channels. This is definitely great news for your business, as social media as a marketing tool has a lot of benefits in store for you, including helping increase online visibility to ensure that your content reaches the right audience at the right time. Social media is also used as a tool in monitoring and managing your business’ online reputation, a very critical element which can affect customers’ purchasing decisions. Furthermore, social media provides you a very affordable and real-time way to connect directly with your market base, making sure that they are well taken care of before, during, and after doing business with you.

Chiral-Link offers the following Social Media Management services for you. Choose which ones fit your needs best.

Link Wheel Packages

With Link Wheel Packages, your website can benefit from an increased accessibility and visibility.
Quality links from relevant websites and articles generates targeted traffic at a relatively low cost. It helps your business gain the recognition that it needs and deserves, plus this strategy assists in boosting your site’s overall.


• 10 Web 2.0 Site Creation
• 10 Links from Web 2.0 Sites PR 3 and UP
• RSS Submission to 50+ ping list
• 10 Unique Articles Written (2 links per article)
• 10 Press Releases
•  All Links Created from Web 2.0 sites and Article/Press Release sites will be bookmarked to 30 min Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Media Package

Maximize the social media boom of the times and make it work to your business’ advantage by choosing and using the right social media tools for your business. Create great content and ensure that this reaches your target audience at the perfect timing. Build and manage your company’s  online reputation and connect with your customers the fastest and easiest way, making them feel that they are truly important to you.

Chiral-Link several Social Media Management services for you. Choose which ones fit your needs best. Better yet, avail of our packaged service which includes the following:

• Advanced Social Media Strategy
• Facebook Optimization
• Twitter Posting/Following and Unfollowing
• Social Media Monitoring and Updating
• Online Prospecting

Blog Guesting

Aside from being your company’s online showroom for your products and services, your website should also be an excellent source of useful information. This is where the power of blogs come in as your business blog contains articles about various topics related to your brand and the industry to which your business belongs. Furthermore, having your articles posted on other relevant websites boosts your online presence, creating a stronger brand recall and reputation targeted towards your market niche.


• 30 Guest Blog Post Creation ( 2 links per blog post)
• Contact Monitoring
• Lead Generation

Video SEO

Over time, videos have evolved into one of the most useful tools in getting and sharing information. Particularly for businesses, videos are great tools through which product updates, as well as other details about your company and your brand can be shared with customers, employees, and even investors who may be interested in doing business with you. Video optimization is very important in this case, to ensure that your business’ videos are easily accessible and that they appear as search engine results for relevant searches made by users. Context may be different for each type of business but there are requirements which are consistent across the board – keyword selection, tagging, content and channel optimization, to name a few.


• Video Creation and Enhancements
• Image enhancement
• Video Submissions to Popular Video Engine Sites
• Video Optimization

Facebook Mentions Strategy

Connect and interact with your business community and your target market, join groups, add new friends, and share relevant content on a regular basis – from your own website, your clients, or from anywhere else on the Web with our comprehensive, search engine-optimized Facebook account management service.

Twitter Mentions Strategy

Make Twitter management simple and fuss-free with our highly specialized strategies tailor-fit for your business. You can now build multiple Twitter accounts, manage them effectively, interact using them in various communities, and so much more. Sharing content from your website and your blog is also easier and is more focused on the specific market and industry to which your business belongs. Tweeting, retweeting, and mentions are also automated for you, plus handling and connecting with your followers is a breeze when you avail of this service.

Tweet Adder

Handle your business’ Twitter account with ease and simplicity with Chiral-Link’s Tweet Adder service. Automate handling of followers, follow-back users who are interested in your company, tweeting mentions of blog posts on your business blog and even for your guest posts on other websites. Retweeting posts from other accounts within the built-in network we create for you will also be a breeze.

Google Plus Mentions Strategy

Let Chiral-Link take over your Google+ management and watch your circles grow and become more interactive. Connecting with customers and business partners with Google+ has never been easier.

LinkedIn Mentions Strategy

Hassle-free connectivity with communities and networks on LinkedIn is now made possible with Chiral-Link’s strategy for your business. You may now create multiple accounts and manage them all at the same time, therefore improving your customer relationship management systems.